How to Increase Profits while Working from Home

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow and to change how consumers research, select, and purchase goods, there is no better time to work from home than right now.  Several popular e-commerce platforms give individuals the opportunity to launch and maintain their own home-based businesses, leading to financial success.

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

Perhaps the two largest global e-commerce platforms are eBay and Amazon. Best-selling authors and business mentors Matt and Amanda Clarkson discovered the power of those platforms several years ago when researching alternatives to traditional away-from-home jobs that left them unsatisfied.  By launching their own online storefront on eBay to start, they discovered that in a matter of months, that storefront was generating enough income to take the place of a “regular” job.  The storefront continued to grow rapidly and earned the couple Bronze level status, followed by the leap to Platinum a short time later. Now, they teach others how to achieve similar levels of success with a modest investment and some hard initial work, starting an online storefront and watching it grow quickly.

For people who are tired of the grind of getting up and going to work at an office or factory – in short, helping someone else achieve success – eBay and Amazon storefronts promise a steady stream of income and the potential for fast, sustainable growth.  The Clarksons can show you how, offering training and coursework on operating an e-commerce venture that has been proven to work.  With their business strategies and marketing methods, individuals can easily launch an online storefront and have it sustain itself with only a few hours of input a day. Their secret is to take advantage of the automation tools available to sellers on Amazon and eBay – Matt and Amanda believe it is important to work smarter, not harder!


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